Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the many tools in the Internet marketer’s arsenal, but is definitely one of the most popular. Recent studies indicate that more than three quarters (78%) of people have watched at least one video online at some point in their lives, while one-quarter of people (25%) say they watch videos online every day. These numbers are rapidly growing as more people are using the Internet and social media every day.

Video marketing allows you to show another side of your business and yourself, that you will never be able to showcase with text on a screen. The addition of music and graphics can make things more exciting, which means your visitors will be more likely to really enjoy your content. Visitors who really enjoy the content you are sharing are much more likely to purchase whatever it is you’re selling.

Video marketing has numerous benefits to local businesses trying to promote their businesses.

  •  Video marketing allows you to highlight your products and services in both an informative and entertaining way.
  •  Video response rates are higher than articles and blogs. Visitors are more likely to sit through a two-minute long video than to read a long blog post.
  •  Videos allow you to better illustrate the concepts you’re trying to get across. Some ideas are more difficult to convey in print, and those will benefit the most from video, because you will be able to show, rather than tell someone something.
  •  Video marketing allows you to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty. While there is some debate on whether this penalty actually exists, video content is not subject to the same rules as articles and blog posts. This means you can re-purpose content like documents, white papers, marketing materials into videos.
  •  Videos rank high with search engines. Most keyword phrases you search now feature at least one or two YouTube™ videos on the first page of results.
  •  Video sharing websites such as YouTube allow users to share their favorite videos on their social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter™. This is how your videos go “viral.” If someone posts a video of their kitten doing something cute, sends it to a couple of friends and later finds out the video has over a million views within a week or two, then their video is now considered viral.
  •  Studies indicate video marketing increases traffic, sales, and opt-ins. The majority of marketers who put a real effort into video marketing are happy with their return on investment (ROI)

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