Smartphone Apps For Local Businesses

Every local business should have its own smartphone app. For the longest time, only big businesses and franchises could afford apps to brand and promote their business. But now it has finally become affordable for every local business to have their own app.

There are six big reasons for local business to have their own smartphone app.

Your logo on someone’s phone builds brand recognition. When someone installs a mobile app on their phone, your business is visible to your customers at all times. Stats show on average, people spend more than two hours a day on their mobile devices. Obviously your customer probably won’t be using your app every day… but they’ll still be scrolling past your your company’s app icon every day. Your logo and your branding is always within eye shot, subconsciously your customer is aware of that and it helps to reinforce your brand.

It creates a direct form of marketing with the user. Now with an app you can have so many different options on it from general info about your business prices, booking forms, loyalty cards and coupons. If you also run a blog you can publish your latest blog feeds onto your app. One of the biggest benefits is that you can contact your customers directly on their mobile phone with special promotions that you’re running, coupons that you’ve created or a new loyalty card.

These notifications gives you an instant direct form of contact that can always be used as a little reminder to plant seeds in your customers’ minds about the products and services that you offer.

An app helps to provide added value to your customer base. There are countless businesses these days that run loyalty card programs with physical cards. Now with an app you can digitize the loyalty card within the app, and you can have the coupons within the app. And by harnessing the power of push notifications you can send a message making your customers aware of this.

You can send a notification message to a customer within a certain radius that can send them out a coupon to come into your store for 10% off. This is very powerful because you can target people closest to your business at a specific time. This can help you get more impulse business or more business during slow times of day.

And you can be one of the few local businesses on your customer’s phone. Right now, you have an opportunity to be so far ahead of other local businesses. So grab that valuable real estate on your customer’s phone before other businesses do.

Your app really improves customer engagement. If customers have a way to get the same end result without having to pick up the phone and call you, then it’s going to improve your business.

An app helps you stand above the competition.  People who ran offline businesses took a lot longer to get online than they should have.  And the ones who got online first actually got a big jump ahead of their competitors.  The mobile apps technology is exactly the same. You can be one of the first local businesses to occupy a piece of valuable and limited real estate on your customer’s phone.

A mobile app is exactly the same concept and it’s growing.  So now not only do businesses need a website they also need an app.  It just gives you multiple channels to be able to communicate with your customer.

An app helps improve customer loyalty. think about how much advertising the average person must see, TV, bill boards, val pak, banner ads, Google Ads, Facebook etc., There is so much noise and competition for people’s attention today. Your app will sit on your customer’s phone away from all that noise.

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