Mobile Marketing

There are 5 billion – with a “B”! – active mobile subscriptions in the world today. When you consider that there are only 6 billion people in the world, and just over 1 billion personal computers, you can see that by not considering mobile users when you develop your marketing plan you’re ignoring a huge market.

Not only that, but mobile users are abandoning their PCs at an alarming rate. As mobile devices become more flexible – and less expensive – many users are finding they no longer have a need to be tied to a desktop computer. Even laptops, the “mobile device” of choice just a few years ago, are being edged out of the marketplace by the sleek, sexy iPad and ultra-portable netbooks.

If you’re not taking steps today to integrate mobile devices into your marketing plan, you risk being left so far behind you and your business may never catch up.

When you think of mobile marketing, you probaby think first about presenting your website in a mobile-friendly manner. That’s important, of course, but there is much more to mobile marketing than just optimized web sites.

Mobile devices have many functions that businesses can take advantage of, and many of them simply aren’t available on traditional computers, so business owners often don’t consider them in their marketing plans. Mobile Content Marketing addresses many of the functions of modern devices that you might not have considered, like

  • Text messaging – and how to make sure your permission-based marketing messages are never mistaken for SPAM. Without this information, your mobile campaign might come to a halt before it even begins!
  • Mobile Coupons – Use mobile coupons to drive more business and salesGPS data – and how brick and mortar stores can reward customers who just happen to be in the area.
  • GPS data – and how brick and mortar stores can reward customers who just happen to be in the area.
  • Voice Broadcast Marketing – Reach out and connect with your entire audience with a single phone call.  Voice messaging delivers your promotional or informational alerts to your entire audience, whether they rely on mobile or landline phones.

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